Thursday, January 31, 2008

Just Getting Started

First of all, I would like to thank Tom and Esther for allowing me to be a part of this new adventure in the expansion of wood lathart. To me, Tom and Esther are two of the pioneers of this art form, along side of of Theodore Degroot. I have been visually studying their work since 1996, when I first came across it in Creative Woodworks and Crafts magazine.
The intriguing force behind all of this kind of goes back to my childhood. My father loved to fish, and instilled this within me. He used to call himself the "Old Man Of The Sea". Now I didn't grow up along the coastal areas of any ocean, and either did he, but I believe that he was facinated with the the old fishing villages, and the old men that gave their lives to this trade.
There were a few seafood restaurants back in Wisconsin, where I grew up, that we would go to, and as it is in many seafood restaurants, the artwork on the walls depicted the enviroment of these old fishing villages; boats, the ocean, lighthouses, lobster traps, and all kinds of other fishing equiptment. I was especially captivated by what the sun, and salty ocean air did to the raw and colored wood materials that were exposed to this enviroment. From what I've read about Ben Ploughman, this is also the captivating force behind his work; a lifestyle that he grew up around. Also, a large majority of Tom's work originated from these nautical themes, and as a matter of fact, it was his piece( "The Five Boats" ) that inspired me, and this can be viewed in the lathart picures section of this blog.
It's going to take me some time to accumulate a potfolio of my own work, but I will chart and share the progression of this process here in this section of the blog. Again, my thanks to Tom and Esther for allowing me to do this.


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