Friday, January 18, 2008

Original Lath Art by Christopher Hildebrand of North Carolina

This is his original design and creation. Great job and great idea.

When some people first see LathArt, they know right away if they have a LathArt painting in them. Providing the how-to to people like Christopher is why I set up the main site.

Christopher started with a kit (not my site) I think, but quickly progressed to creating his own designs. This is his second design.

I hope he will continue to share. I've seen his first, and it is wonderful as well.


childe said...

I'm from Wisconsin orginally, so I remember Ponderosa Steak House from those days. I've had people offer to by the lathart I have hanging in our restaurant. We have six of them hanging in our restaurant.One of them is my creation of the restaurant. I'd love to get a hold of one of Degroot's pieces. Found one the other day online for sale as authentic; with papers and a signature. Come to find out it was an austin productions creation of one of his pieces called "The Town"


Anonymous said...

Very nice work

childe said...

Thanks anonymous!