Monday, February 4, 2008

Just Completed

The Ideas are really rolling in my head. This is something I put together last week. I've got about four other drawings that I am working with, and am going to start drawing up my rendition of Tom's plein air painting of the boat on the beach, which is located down a few posts on this page. I think I might post this in progression, with a pattern, to give a more detailed explanation of the process that I use to create my work, and to give interested viewers a chance to try this magnificent art form.



T said...

I just noticed this post. Beautiful and simple design. I love the colors and the offbeat composition. I'm sure either of the mags would be proud to publish this project if you submitted it to them.


Chris said...

Thanks Tom! That was my goal with this picture; simple. I have one of a horse that I've been drawing, and am kind of excited to get cutting. Like I posted, just a bunch of ideas floating around in my head.