Friday, March 28, 2008

Featured in Scroll Saw Goodies

Mostly, I put up these LathArt sites because every once in a while, when I googled my name I would find people either looking for me or for information on Lath Art and Esther said it would be easy to put a lot of information on-line in Blogs. So here they are. I still have things that needs to be digitized before they can be added, but I can't give a schedule of how soon this will happen. In the meantime Chris has taken up the slack very nicely and posted his projects.

Thank you Chris, they look great.

Recently I noticed some visitors from a new source to my LathArt Paintings , LathArt How To sites, and to a project Chris has posted here, so I checked it out. This is the site if you want to see what they are about. Scroll Saw Goodies

Scroll Saw Goodies recommends as a good source where someone can get a free start up pattern. FYI, I have also posted a free pattern on the LathArt How to Site.

Be sure to see the LathArt How To site, as well as the Progression that Chris has posted to learn how to make your LathArt.


Travis said...

Thanks for all of the info you put out about Lath Art. There isn't much info out there, so this is a fantastic resource. I look forward to more posts. Keep up the good work!

T said...

Thank you for the feature, I'm glad we are able to offer something of value here.