Thursday, May 22, 2008

LathArt not for Woodworkers!

Let's face it. Woodworkers don't like painted wood. You like to get into your well equipped shop and work on something where the wood grain will show through in all it's beauty. And in LathArt, the precise fitting that is a part of good woodworking, can sometimes actually hurt the look of the finished piece of LathArt.

Woodworkers also like the detailed scroll saw fretwork that is all the rage in most of the scrolling magazine. LathArt is anything but detailed and fretworky (I know that's not a word, but you know what I mean).

But good and creative LathArt sells for upwards of $400 and many LathArtists have waiting lists for their work.

So if you can find an easy source of Lath Wood, and can get an inexpensive scroll saw, don't let lack of woodworking skills keep you away. It can actually be an advantage

Here are 2 more examples of Degroot LathArt. Notice the gaps between pieces and the rustic nature.


Chris said...

You are sooo.... right, it is not for the faint hearted, and it is definitely an artform. I have to try to do some simpler pieces. When I see the Degroot work I notice that he manages to create a very pleasing effect with quite large pieces. I do love working with little details though. I guess it's my own thing. Some of the pieces that I cut are so small that I have to manage them with tweezers. The only trouble I have with this is that I have to be sure to get enough glue beneath these pieces to assure that they do not fall out. What kind of glue did you use on your work, Tom?


T said...

Ordinary white glue.


Rob said...

I was wondering if you could tell me any more about Degroot? We have a picture of his on our mantle that we happned upon at a consignment shop. We just thought it was cool for our livingroom and didn't think much more about it until this weekend when we came across another piece of his in Maine.

Now I'm intrgiued. I assumed he was just some NH local. It would seem I'm mistaken.

My internet searches have been marginally successful so any more info would be much appreciated to appease our growing curiosity. Please feel free to contact me at wandererrob at

Thanks! :)

rod said...

as a retired career cabinetmaker i just completed my first lath project....i think i'm hooked (although i do need to work on loosing some cabinetmaker habits...light tight joints).i enoy your always looking for ideas and tips....thanks for your part in getting me going..

T said...

I don't know much about him other than what I've posted here. Much of his Lath Art was produced by Austin Productions in the 1970's using a patent to die cut the pieces. Check e-bay to see more of his work that sometimes comes up for re-sale.

Anonymous said...

If anyone knows where I can get the Degroot 2 flowers in the pot in the window lathArt, I would buy it. Please contact
Thanks said...

article/interview on Theodore Degroot and also etsy and ebay have a couple for sale right now.

dana said...

HELP!!! I am desperately looking for the "mirror" image of the daisy on a windowsill it is different but the same size and colors. If anyone knows where to get it or if someone can make it...PLEASE contact me at


Anonymous said...

Hello, I have two DeGroot Lath Art pieces on Ebay right now, the city scene and covered bridge. I love them but moved and have no room. Hope someone else can enjoy them, there seems to be alot of interest.


amartin3324 (at)