Friday, August 29, 2008

LathArt Originality

Rod definitely has a unique and original look to his lathart. On his web site, it looks like he uses an under painting (or some other technique) to get his unique colours on his sea themes. Whatever the technique, the results are authentic and beautiful.

There are no rules in LathArt. I used multi layers of paint in my original beach house. Simple, complex, flat or dimensional, all are good if they get you where you want to go.

I've recently run into more Lathart by someone named Marty Humphrey in an ART GALLERY in cottage country Ontario. So it seems that LathArt may be making a comeback as an art form. There is only one piece pictured here today, but I'm sure more will show up on their site soon. He is asking $350, and uses narrower strips of wood mounted on what looks like a plywood tray with higher wooden sides, (hard to explain).

I also found a page where Ben Ploughman writes about his technique using dimensional carvings
and a forum where you can talk to him. He is quite an accomplished artist.

Chris and Rod (contributors to this blog) have started selling their beautiful original and authentic handmade LathArt.

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