Friday, August 8, 2008

Latest Project-First Time Poster

Thanks to Tom for allowing me post here and to Chris for putting in the word for me. Have been quite busy with my new passion. This is my sixth piece and my first nautical theme. My methods seem to be a bit different than what I have been reading about as I don't do all the glued up sheets of lath. More rustic and pieced together would best describe the way I have been going about it. I have a sketch of what I want to do, but then I more or less build the picture within a clamped up frame, to keep the piece at the size desired. I will definitely never make two pieces the same. But maybe that is a good thing. Would appreciate any comments. Rod Skramstad


T said...

Welcome, and thanks for explaining your method. I like the boat, very Degrootish and rustic.

I also like the way you are painting the pieces. Very unique colors.

Chris said...

Welcome to the group Rod! I'm sure you'll bring plenty of helpful tips and inspiring works of art. I would love to here more about your process. Lets give lathart the praise it deserves.