Saturday, August 23, 2008

Northern Wilderness-BWCA

Hope you guys don't mind but here comes another...This one was a request by a relative to try capture the north woods look so I tried to capture the feel of the Boundry Waters Canoe Area. But the place is so awesome there is no way to do that with lath, but I am still happy with the results. This one measures 14.25" x 19" with right around 50 pieces. Again I apologize if I'm cluttering up this place, but I have so many more ideas..In fact the next one will be intersting...Maybe it will be ready tomorrow. Rod Skramstad


T said...

Definately not clutter!! I enjoy your posts and look forward to them.


Chris said...

I'm with Tom! Keep-em coming. I look forward to the as well, and as usual, I love your style.

Chris said...

Pretty. Have you sold this?