Thursday, July 31, 2008

Degroot Style Lathart by Rod Skramstad

Check out this fine looking piece of lathart done in the Degroot style. This is an original that Rod created, and it's a picture of a local mill, somewhere near by to where Rod lives in Minnesota. He is going to do a picture of Split Rock Lighthouse, which is on the Minnesota Supperior coastline. I can't wait to see it. Rod's actually given me an itch to do some work in the Degroot style myself.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Picture

I've been kind of busy lately. Summers tend to be that way with lawn work, and 4 kids home from school, but I did manage to finish this piece that I decided to do for a local gallery owner. I would like to have him hang it in his gallery so that I can gain some exposure, and possibly pick up a profitable commision job. As with all my pictures, I like to try new things with each one. The brick wall and wooden shingle roof were my latest challenge. I used a chisel to cut and lift the wood throughout the roof piece to create the wood shingle look. on the brick wall, I cut my lath into narrow pieces, and partially cut (without cutting through) the bricks into each strip. I then mixed up three colors for my bricks and randomly painted each brick on the strips. After painting each strip I dabbed the paint off and rubbed each brick downward, and not across, because this would have caused the darker color to dominiate the entire strip, and would have made it look all one color. When I finished with all the rows, I glued them side to side on a piece of craft paper, staggering the rows, and leaving no gaps. This gave it the brick wall look. I am entering it in a local art contest for the month of August in a mixed media category. I'll let you all know how it does.