Friday, September 18, 2009

Not Lath Art But.....

Just thought I'd post a picture of what I have been doing apart from lath. These 'reclaimed frames' are made with wood rescued from construction jobsites....Does that mean I'm going green? Got the "barnboard" look without some of the bad things that go with old rotted wood..

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Anonymous said...

Source for Lath --
The stuff at the big box stores all seems to either come mildewed or gets that way pretty quickly. I get lots of oak from a place that makes shipping pallets. They sell rejected pieces (knots, wanes, splits, etc - no bark or nails) that they wrap into bundles and load on your pickup truck. A bundle is about 3X4X4 feet and costs $5. I then rip this stuff on my table saw into lath dimensions. Anything I don't salvage for lath work goes into the wood stove. Works for me.